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Seatronics Ltd. relocate to new Abu Dhabi premises

Seatronics Ltd has relocated its Abu Dhabi operations to a new facility in the UAE capital.

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Seatronics Inc. Tech Day Triumph!

Seatronics Inc. hosted a Technical Day in our Houston facility for clients to meet and discuss the latest product developments and offerings available from Seatronics.

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Seatronics continue to invest in industry leading technology with iXblue RAMSES System

Seatronics has announced its investment in iXblue’s RAMSES system, to increase its client’s objectives of operational efficiency.

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Chinese Search & Rescue Operation with Predator ROV

The Seatronics Predator ROV has recently been deployed for a search & rescue operation in Sichuan, China in early June 2016.

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Seatronics successfully participate in Coastal Trident with Predator Elite ROV

The Seatronics Predator ROV performed exceptionally well throughout the Coastal Trident trials in June 2016.

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