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Scanmar pursue Business in the UK

As a consequence of Scanmar deciding to pursue business in the UK directly and removing the reseller distribution arrangement from the Seatronics Fishing Division in Peterhead, an agreement we have enjoyed for some 20 years the business will be sold to Scanmar UK Ltd. During this 20 year period Seatronics have excelled being named distributor of the year on numerous occasions. Unfortunately, the loss of the arrangement to distribute Scanmar equipment, which is the largest contributor towards revenue margin for the Fishing Division, will result in the Fishing Division no longer being economically viable for Seatronics Ltd. These conditions have necessitated the sale of the Fishing Division for the purposes of its preservation and the continued employment of most of its employees.  It is hoped that the disposal of this division will result in a sounder future for most of the employees of the Fishing Division.

The Seaobserver, Trawlcam and ELog Software product lines will remain with Seatronics although Seatronics intend to work closely with George Youngson and the team at Scanmar in the promotion of these products.

All at Seatronics would like to take this opportunity to thank George and the staff at Peterhead for their loyalty, dedication and many years of hard work during which they have been a credit to themselves and Seatronics.

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