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Seatronics announces large purchase of advanced sonar equipment & new sales representation with Edge

Seatronics Ltd, an Acteon Company, is pleased to announce the purchase of over $1.5 million of advanced sonar imaging systems and associated equipment from EdgeTech. The purchase is part of a multi-million dollar investment by Seatronics which will expand the world’s largest marine equipment rental fleet.

Working with recognized leaders in the marine industry, Seatronics selected EdgeTech to provide the most advanced and reliable underwater survey equipment to meet their customers every need. Notable equipment purchased by Seatronics included the following EdgeTech systems: 4125 Shallow Water Side Scan Sonars, 4200 Multi-Purpose Survey Systems, 3200 Sub-bottom Profilers, 2000 Series Combined Side Scan Sonar/ Sub-bottom Profilers, ROV-based Sonar Systems and 4600 Bathymetry/Side Scan Sonar Systems.

“Building on the success of Ocean Business and forging ever stronger links with key suppliers, Seatronics is pleased to announce the non-exclusive sales representation for EdgeTech products in the Middle East region,” says Seatronics UAE Regional Manager Jeff Holtom. “We are extremely pleased to have been given the opportunity to represent EdgeTech in the region and, as can been noted by this most recent investment, we have reinforced our commitment to this leading sonar brand, including the latest combined Side scan-Bathymetry technology, the EdgeTech 4600.”

EdgeTech’s Mohammed Sanhaji says, “With this partnership EdgeTech is showing its commitment to strengthen its geographical presence in the area, giving access to current and potential clients a wide range of side scan, sub-bottom and bathymetric products. Most importantly, Seatronics and EdgeTech share similar values and we are both committed to customer satisfaction.”

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