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Seatronics Impress Expo Visitors with Predator ROV and SeeTrack CoPilot Demo

SeeByte, the global leader in creating smart software for unmanned maritime systems, and Seatronics, world leader in the rental and sale of marine electronic equipment, successfully demonstrated the fruits of their collaboration at this year’s Oceanology International Exhibition in London.

Having announced their partnership in July last year, SeeByte and Seatronics have been working together to bring SeeByte’s software control capabilities to the Seatronics Predator ROV. Having successfully integrated and demonstrated SeeTrack CoPilot at trials in Florida earlier in the year, Seatronics took the system to Oceanology International, where they wowed visitors with daily demos of SeeTrack CoPilot’s advanced control capabilities.

Seatronic’s International Product Sales Manager, Adil Ali commented: “We were eager to demonstrate what an advanced piece of equipment the Predator is when paired with CoPilot. Running through the software flight modes with ease in front of hourly audiences was fantastic and I personally feel we’ve proven that this piece of hardware is now game-changing in the marketplace. He added “Predator, integrated with Seebyte Copilot, Teledyne Blueview Sonar and DVL turn this inspection ROV into one of the most powerful and capable ROVs in it's class."

Ioseba Tena, Sales Manager at SeeByte also said: “The feedback we received at Oceanology from the Seatronics demo was fantastic. We worked closely with the team in Aberdeen to ensure they received our full support leading up to the event, but on the days of the demo SeeByte had no involvement, and I think that allowed SeeTrack CoPilot’s capability to speak for itself. The software ran perfectly and showed the proficiencies of the Predator ROV to the fullest.”

SeeTrack CoPilot is the words most advanced, easy-to-use, plug-and play software that makes piloting any ROV a much simpler task. SeeTrack CoPilot permits pilot controlled auto-transit and stop-and-hover, whilst providing automated sonar tracking and movement relative to a target.

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