Our partners

Many of the industry's leading manufacturers have selected Seatronics to represent their interests in different parts of the world. These close working relationships with our global technology partners, allow Seatronics to supply our clients with new innovative subsea solutions and trusted service offerings.


Seatronics have a global sales and distribution partnership with Voyis, leaders in high precision subsea measurement technology. The Voyis line of underwater laser scanners are available through Seatronics for equipment rentals and sales. Customers benefit from global access to the high resolution and precision of the Voyis underwater laser scanners, and from the offshore expertise and global technical support provided by Seatronics.

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Digital Edge

Seatronics have a worldwide contract with Digital Edge Subsea Ltd for their complete range of digital video inspection systems. Seatronics is equipped with Digital Edge Subsea systems at each of our global bases available for both rental and sale, enabling our customers to control their operations in a more flexible and timely manner. Each system is remotely accessible via the internet, allowing Digital Edge Subsea to provide technical support and assistance rapidly and simply.

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Eaton’s connectors and cables have established a track record of uncompromised reliability in harsh environments ranging from deep sea to deep space. Seatronics Group are the only certified manufacturer to offer Eaton’s Burton Cable & Connector Product line with dedicated moulding facilities in Abu Dhabi, Houston & Singapore to support the local operations of our clients.

J2 Subsea

Seatronics work closely with sister Acteon company, J2 Subsea, to support our clients globally with trusted ROV tooling products & services. Together, we can provide bespoke and innovative survey and tooling integrated solutions delivered with outstanding service and fast turnaround times. The J2 product portfolio includes manipulators, torque tools, cutters and control systems.

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Seatronics act as a reseller of Kongsberg Mesotech and Underwater Positioning products for the African region. Seatronics offer trusted and innovative integrated packages utilising the latest Kongsberg technologies. The Kongsberg MicroPAP, cNode Micro transponder and the Flexview Sonar system together with the Seatronics VALOR ROV offer unprecedented visualisation and tracking capability to Seatronics local clients.

The Kongsberg product line includes but not limited to:

  • Kongsberg MicroPAP – Compact Acoustic Positioning System
  • Kongsberg HiPAP – Acoustic Underwater Positioning & Navigation Systems
  • Kongsberg cNODE Micro Transponder
  • Kongsberg Flexview – Multibeam Sonar
  • Konsgberg cNODE Modem MiniS


Seatronics have a partnership with LateraL AS, Norwegian subsea tooling firm specialised in improving offshore performance through its innovative product range. The agreement provides Seatronics’ global customer base with access to the FlexiCal and FlexiClean product lines for innovative and reliable asset integrity solutions.

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Miros Group

Seatronics have an established distribution agreement with Miros, trusted provider of wave and current data to the maritime industry, enhancing the Seatronics global rental pool with their range of radar-based solutions. Miros has over 35 years’ experience measuring the ocean surface, delivering real-time insights about local sea state and marine conditions, without the need for any equipment submerged in water.

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Seatronics have a service partnership with NORBIT, global provider of tailored technology and solutions to the maritime markets. We have a dedicated workshop and certified staff within our Seatronics Singapore facility as the official Asia Pacific Service & Support Centre for NORBIT subsea multibeam echosounders and sonar products. The Service Centre is available for voice or email technical support within APAC time zones as well as any hardware troubleshooting and repair to reduce the turnaround time for any RMA within the region.

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Seatronics have collaborated with OceanTools, world leading subsea engineering company specialising in the design and manufacture of underwater and offshore technology, to promote the D7 DyeTector® subsea dye & leak detection system to our global client base. The DyeTector is a sophisticated product with a 6000m depth rating that uses high intensity LEDs to cause a dye to fluoresce.

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Seatronics is a licensed partner of OceanWise, specialists in all aspects of marine environmental data acquisition and data management, with a global reseller agreement. The agreement provides Seatronics customers with access to the OceanWise Port-Log System, a complete storage and publishing solution for environmental data acquired by different monitoring techniques and sensors.

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Seatronics are official representatives for R2Sonic, leading edge underwater acoustic products, in the Middle East region working collaboratively to provide a trusted service and local support. The R2Sonic Multibeam Echosounders provide our customers with high performance yet reliable and cost-effective technology, available globally to rent or purchase from Seatronics bases in Aberdeen, Houston, Singapore and Abu Dhabi.

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RTS AS are the exclusive rental partners with Seatronics based in Akrehamn, Norway. RTS are a major supplier of equipment and technical solutions to the offshore inspection, seabed mapping and subsea construction markets both in Norway and around the world. Our long-standing partnership with RTS allows our customers access to product developments which address efficiency and timesaving efforts offshore such as the RTS Gen5 Multiplexer, the RTS Cube and the Subsea Deflection Monitoring (SDM) System.

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Sidus Solutions

Seatronics have an established global reseller agreement with Sidus Solutions offering our clients their innovative design and advanced technology camera and lighting solutions. We also offer an equipment service centre based in our Houston facility to support local requirements and reduce repair turnaround times.

The Sidus product line includes but not limited to:

  • SIDUS “Truk” SS474HDR-IP Camera
  • SIDUS “Dark Saber” SS182mkII – All-in-one LED Light, Line Laser and Strobe
  • SIDUS SS109/110/120 – High Torque, High Performance Pan & Tilt
  • SIDUS 181mkII – Sea Torch LED Light
  • SIDUS SS499 – “Mayol” – Video Laser Scan – 3D System Dive Unit

Specialist Offshore Services

Seatronics is partnered with Specialist Offshore Services in Perth Australia to assist in serving the local market providing exclusive support, specialist engineering and business development functions for our full range of products. Our clients can also benefit from the Specialist Offshore Services equipment range for rental or sale globally through our local Seatronics bases including Subsea tooling, water jetters and fluid injection units.

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Seatronics has an enhanced Valeport accreditation as a supplier of third-party calibrations to the ROV and survey communities, globally. Valeport are the UK’s leading manufacturer of oceanographic, hydrographic and hydrometric instrumentation collaborating with Valeport has been key to the success of our calibration facilities.

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Through collaboration with our sister company J2 Subsea, Seatronics customers have access to the WeSubsea product range throughout our global locations. WeSubsea manufactures optimized titanium dredger technology and premium subsea equipment for a range of subsea applications delivering safe and reliable products with superior performance.

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Whitecap Scientific

Seatronics have a global distribution agreement with Whitecap Scientific, developers of the ROV3D® Recon DVR. Whitecap Scientific’s ROV3D Recon DVR allows any ROV with two cameras to generate measurable 3D point clouds of subsea structures and assets during routine operations. Seatronics invested in ROV3D Recon DVR rental units for all global Seatronics locations.

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Seatronics and Zetechtics Limited, leading suppliers of subsea control systems for ROV intervention tooling to the global oil and gas industry, have a global representative agreement for the Jupiter range of subsea ROV intervention control systems and associated products. Collaborating with sister company J2 Subsea we an extensive range of trusted ROV Tooling to support the global project requirements for our clients.

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