Neptune Oceanographics MKIII Long Ranger Subsea Leak Detection System

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A fluorescence leak detection system.

Following on from the very successful MKI and MKII versions of the ‘Long Ranger’ family of subsea leak detection systems, Neptune have introduced their latest MKIII version. As with the earlier versions, the MKIII can detect fluorescent dyes, crude oils, lubricating oils and hydrocarbon based control fluids at depths down to 3000m (6000m as special) but with enhanced performance.

The new MKIII sensors can be supplied for detecting:- Fluorescein, Roemex red dyes, Rhodamine, Castrol UV dyes, Champion Clear dye, McDermid fluids, Pelagic fluids, crude oil, lubricating oil, hydrocarbon based control fluids and others at distances of up to 10 meters or more. The sensors do not have to pass through the leaked fluid plume to detect, i.e., the sensors detect remotely and thus tidal flow direction in relation to the sensors position is not relevant. Other advantages include riser inspection at a safe working distance and the ability to detect leaks within structures and manifolds where ROV access is not possible.

The SNIFFIT and the MKIII Long Ranger can be used together to detect both oil and gas hydrocarbon leaks. 

    • ROV, AUV mounted or diver held
    • Fluorescence Leak Detection System
    • Quick and easy remote leak detection from distances up to 10m
    • Easily finds leaks in confined spaces where ROV access is not possible


A fluorescence leak detection system.