OceanTools D7 DyeTector

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Advanced subsea dye detection system

The ROV mounted D7 DyeTector may be used to detect leaks from subsea infrastructure such as manifolds, wellheads or pipelines if a suitable dye has been added to the infrastructure fluids, or during casing cementing operations to detect cement returns.

High intensity LED light is focused through lenses and filters to create a concentrated beam that is tuned to a specific wavelength to cause maximum molecular agitation and fluorescence of the dye. A sophisticated optical multiplier employs light amplification technology to detect even the smallest amounts of fluorescence from the agitated dye molecules. Advanced detection electronics convert the measurements to digital data.

The powerful D7 DyeTector uses technology capable of detecting single photons of light. It can detect down to single digit parts per billion of dye dissolved in water and is approximately one hundred times more sensitive than the human eye. This makes it ideal for detecting the very smallest of leaks or traces of dye dosed cement.

Detection can be carried out at a safe working distance, and the ROV’s lights do not have to be turned off when the DyeTector is in operation.

    • ROV mounted D7, with diver held D9 in development
    • Rhodamine, Fluorescein or Ultraviolet dye detection
    • Focused beam and filtered high intensity LEDs
    • Light amplification and photon detection technology
    • 6000m depth rating as standard


Advanced subsea dye detection system