18th May 2020

Do more with less – Achieving Cost and Operational Efficiencies with VALOR

Many of the key players in both Oil & Gas and the Renewables Sector have announced cost saving measures and vastly reduced CAPEX budgets for the foreseeable future due to the Brent crude oil barrel price plummeting, as well as, COVID-19 continuing to impact our daily lives and the global economy. 

Therefore, now is the time to seek trusted and innovative integrated solutions from a single point of purchase. Finding safe and viable ways to do more with less, at reduced cost and greater efficiency, must be the way forward. 

Enter the Seatronics VALOR, Remotely Operated Vehicle, designed with this scenario in mind. 

The VALOR ROV is a low logistics, low maintenance, easy to control package with a small footprint, designed for operation from small survey craft, platforms or vessels of opportunity. However, absolutely nothing about its capability or range of functionality could be described as small.  

Boasting 40 Gb of data bandwidth, handling up to 10 client configurable user ports, time-stamping at 30Hz refresh rate for high precision, sensor fusion algorithms, complete with twin HD cameras, integrated Inertial Navigation System and Greensea navigation control suite as standard; additionally equipped with up to 20Kw of tooling power plus the ability to carry two 3, 5 or 7 function manipulators, this compact, agile, powerful, easily controlled vehicle is perfect for diver-less UWILD, windfarm operations and multiple other offshore IMR type applications normally carried out by much larger, more complex ROV systems.

This vehicle is competitively priced in comparison with vehicles of a similar size and of course can outperform many larger systems which cost a great deal more and require much larger Launch & Recovery, support equipment, deck-space, personnel etc. VALOR defines a new era in ObsROV capability.

To quote one of our clients:

“The VALOR ROV is a very powerful vehicle, but it is clear there has been a lot of work put in to how the power is controlled on the joystick. VALOR builds it power, therefore, in my experience this is the easiest system to pilot, anyone can fly this ROV. We are expecting to see considerable time savings operating with the VALOR ROV, I would estimate that a cable survey flight time will be reduced by up to 50% due to the VALOR power and controllability”.

If you are a company seeking cost and operational efficiencies due to a reduced CAPEX budget, Seatronics has a solution for you. We can offer the VALOR ROV with a suite of sensors and tooling from our hugely competitive rental pool (over 9000 items of equipment), located at our centres of excellence in Aberdeen, Abu Dhabi, Houston and Singapore. 

Our vast inventory of sensors is also available (for rental or purchase) to interface with any other manufacturers’ ROV, AUV or Hydrographic Survey Vessel you may own, also for commercial diver operations. Accompanied with additional trusted services of system integration engineering, personnel support, bespoke cable moulding shops and sensor calibration labs, to enhance and support your projects – a true one stop solution provider. 

Contact us to discuss how Seatronics will add value and reduce costs of your offshore operations. 

Alasdair Murrie 
Head of ROV Sales – Americas Region