RTS CP System

RTS CP System

Available to rent and buy

Self Calibrating Digital CP System


The latest RTS CP System is the complete solution for Cathodic Protection Measurements.
The system comprises of a single contact probe with dual electrodes, a subsea CP A/D converter bottle and
surface display & logging software.
Online quality control function utilises the differential reading between the two electrodes and
activates a built-in software alarm when the electrode is seen to be out of calibration.
The dual electrode display software presents real-time online CP readings and has the facility to program the
differential alarm and scaling limits.
Easy ROV interface, requiring only one RS232 or 422/485 compatible up link and 24V DC power supply.
The surface software can be utilised as a standalone display & logging package or easily interfaced to
existing video overlay and logging software systems.

  • Easy to implement and use
  • Dual Electrode plot for QC
  • High Accuracy and Resolution
  • Online differential measurement
  • Digital link no cable loss
  • Display & Logging Software
  • Fast 10Hz Sampling Rate
  • RS232 and RS485/422┬áCompatible

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