Teledyne Reson SeaBat 7111

Teledyne Reson SeaBat 7111

Available to rent

Expedition ready at short notice.


Compact, easy to install and quick to set up, the SeaBat 7111 helps you get your survey started with minimal planning and preparation. Housed in a lightweight cradle, the SeaBat generates hi-res hydrographic charts that beat international standards down to 1,000 metres below sea-level.

Switching between equidistant and equi-angular beam spacing gives you soundings that are uniform in density and accurate – even at the fringes of the swath. The 7111’s autopilot sea-floor tracking minimises your need to intervene manually, and with minimal data overlap you can complete every survey in good time.

  • INSTALLATION - Unique portable system
  • MOUNTING - Suitable for vessel over-the-side, bow or hull mounting
  • FREQUENCY - 100kHz frequency
  • BEAMS - 101, 201 EA / 301 ED focused beams SWATH150° swath coverage (7.5X depth)
  • BATHMETRY - Bathmetry & imagery from 3m to 1000m
  • OPERATION - Automatic operation
  • STABILISATION - Pitch stabilisation
  • IHO - IHO compliant
  • OPTIONS - 19” marine grade monitor 
  • 1 TB external RAID drive
  • SVP-70 sound velocity profiler with
  • 25m cable
  • Service & maintenance agreement
  • 7111 30m transducer cables
  • 7111 spares kit

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