Sonardyne SPRINT-Nav 500

Sonardyne SPRINT-Nav 500

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SPRINT Nav is an all-in-one subsea navigation instrument for underwater vehicles.


SPRINT-Nav is an all-in-one subsea navigation instrument for underwater vehicles. It combines Sonardyne’s SPRINT INS, Syrinx DVL 600 kHz (Doppler Velocity Log) and high accuracy intelligent pressure sensor in a single housing that is one of the smallest combined inertial navigation instruments on the market.

The unit is comprised of three high grade Ring Laser Gyros (RLG) and accelerometers. These ultra-reliable sensors are used also for safety critical navigation by the majority of the world’s large commercial aircraft and do not require factory recalibration over the product’s lifespan.

SPRINT-Nav’s dual algorithm capability is unique in the market and allows for simultaneous use from one instrument, e.g. AHRS plus DVL for ROV piloting, INS plus DVL for survey operations.

The SPRINT and Syrinx components can be operated as standalone sensors, independently of one another depending on the need. SPRINT-Nav is calibration free.

With power-pass-through, aiding sensors can be powered directly, reducing cabling cost and complexity. Sensor offsets are rigid and very accurately known, helping to reduce systematic errors in lever arm measurements. The pressure sensor module can be removed for calibration or repair without incurring downtime.

Each Syrinx transducer is fitted with a full depth rated water block to ensure protection of the internal components.

  • World’s highest performing hybrid navigator
  • All-in-one turn-key solution
  • Dual concurrent AHRS, INS and
  • DVL output capability for multi-use
  • Instantaneous INS initialisation from AHRS with no alignment
  • procedure required
  • Dual AHRS & INS algorithms enabling internal health check of orientation
  • Highly optimised SWaP
  • Proven long life and high MTBF inertial sensors from trusted longterm US supplier
  • Remote diagnostics and performance verification
  • Fully water blocked DVL endcap protecting internal electronics
  • 0.4–175 m bottom track operating range

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