R2Sonic 2020

R2Sonic 2020

Available to rent and buy

The Sonic 2020 is the most compact high performance wideband shallow water multi-beam echo sounder, suitable for a wide variety of general mapping applications.


The Sonic 2020 is the low-cost entry level broadband Multibeam Echosounder for shallow water that you’ve been looking for! This highly portable, easy to use unit makes survey operations efficient and fast! Ideal for river systems, riparian, estuaries, reservoirs, and lakes.

The Sonic 2020 can be upgraded to Ultra High Resolution (UHR), providing extremely narrow beamwidths at 700kHz operation. The narrow beamwidths at 700 kHz make this option invaluable for detail pipeline inspections, cable laying operations, archeological wreck surveys or other micro bathymetry applications. When UHR is selected, the beamwidth is 1⁰ x 1⁰, providing unprecedented small bottom footprints.

Few examples of applications:

  • Entry level hydrography
  • Very small vessels
  • Small Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) and Remote Operated underwater Vehicle (ROV)


  • Budget entry level Multibeam Echosounder


  • Extremely small and light systems: 140 x 161 x 133.5 mm and only 4.4kg (in air)


  • All options are available with the Sonic 2020.
  • These are: Bathymetry with optional Ultra High Resolution (UHR), TruePix™ Backscatter, Raw Water Column, Pipeline Mode, Multispectral Mode, Forward Looking Sonar imagery.  Only the option 90kHz/100kHz is exclusive to the Sonic 2026.

Wideband Operation

  • Wide selectable operating frequencies between 200kHz and 400kHz in steps of 1Hz resolution.
  • Optional 700kHz for detailed surveys such as pipeline inspections and cable laying operations and archaeological wreck surveys or micro bathymetry applications.
  • High flexibility and control provided to users to avoid interference from other active acoustic systems.

Remarkable Performances for Entry Level MBES

  • Focused Beamwidths 1⁰x 1⁰ at 700kHz.
  • 60kHz signal bandwidth over primary frequency range.
  • Bottom Detect Range Resolution of 3mm
  • Maximum range: 100m+

Ease of Operation

  • Signal Processor and Controller embedded in the Sonar head, making the Sonic 2020 well suited for AUV.
  • Extremely low weight, volume & power consumption (20Wavg).

Compelling Value

  • Advanced sonar technology.
  • Warranty: 3-year with option for 6-year extended warranty
  • Value priced.
  • Trade-in rebate for older technology systems.

For information on position, heading resolution, pitch/roll accuracy and heave accuracy, please refer to the I2NS specification sheet.

(*) The speed of the survey is primarily limited by the installation of the MBE

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