DeepSea Power & Light SeaBattery & Charger

DeepSea Power & Light SeaBattery & Charger

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The High-Current SeaBattery takes the already versatile SeaBattery to the next level by allowing users to draw up to 100 amps. 


The High-Current SeaBattery takes the already versatile SeaBattery to the next level by allowing users to draw up to 100 amps. The power module is a pressure-compensated submersible battery pack designed to perform at any depth, even the high pressure, low temperature environment of deep ocean trenches. Routine deployments to 6,000 meters as part of sea floor instruments and towed camera sleds have proven the SeaBattery power module to be both reliable and robust in the most demanding of subsea applications.


Power & Light Charger

MajorCharge Pro Battery Chargers can be used to recharge virtually any type of battery, including conventional liquid electrolyte, maintenance-free absorbed electrolyte, deep-cycle, and gelled type batteries. The MajorCharge Pro features patented three-stage constant current, constant voltage charging format.

A constant current bulk charge MajorCharge Pro applies to achieve the fastest possible return of energy to the battery. This constant voltage stage is proportionally timed and temperature compensated, minimizing electrolyte breakdown and gas emission.

The final standby float charge stage will replace standing losses and keep the battery in a fully charged state & "Ready" mode. As soon as the battery is connected, a desulfation circuit encourages the breakdown of large sulfate crystals which can develop during prolonged periods of deep discharge.

DeepSea Power & Light SeaBattery

  • Ocean trench rated
  • Excellent capacity retention
  • Operates even if inverted
  • Available in 6v, 12v, 24v or 48v configurations
  • Pressure test certification available

DeepSea Power & Light Charger

  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Three-Stage Plus Control
  • Safety Override Timer
  • External Temperature Compensation
  • Found on back of unit
  • Electronic Current Limit Protection
  • Unique Desulfation Circuit
  • Short Circuit Shutdown
  • Voltage Limited
  • Provides DC Power While Charging
  • Digital Microprocessor Control
  • Battery Type Switch
  • Proportional Timing
  • Timed CV Stage 80% Returned
  • Green Ready Lamp
  • Flashing = Fault
  • Modular Construction
  • Powder-Coated Finish
  • Low Voltage Start Circuit
  • Will recharge overdischarged batteries from as low as 400 mV.
  • Sample and Hold Circuit
  • Eliminates voltage sensing errors and prevents parasitic discharge during AC power loss.
  • Electronic Short Circuit & Reverse Polarity Shutdown
  • Without blowing fuses; an exceptional safety feature.
  • Built-in Electronic Timer
  • Monitors the time taken from start of charge until the battery
  • voltage reaches the first preset voltage limit. The time duration for the second stage is automatically calculated in proportion to the time taken for the first stage. Specifically designed to optomize charging on a wide range of battery types, ages and sizes.
  • Customer-Preferred LED Amp Gauge
  • Indicates the current output without fragile, moving meters or energy loss. A green, ready light indicates that the battery is ready for use or will flash if there is an override timeout.

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