WeSubsea Titanium 8” HC Dredger

WeSubsea Titanium 8” HC Dredger

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The WeSubsea Titanium 8“ high capacity ROV dredger is designed to be used for rock dumps consisting of larger rocks, or seabed with natural rocks. 


THE WESUBSEA 8” HC ROV DREDGER. This is another step forward in dredging technology from WeSubsea, offering, a new high power version of their popular 8” system. It is designed with the same focus on performance, lightweight and ease of use for the operator. Supplied as a complete out of the box dredging package with no external pump units or further hardware to assemble. The highly efficient dredger is supplied ready to be mounted on to the ROV for quick and easy operation.

The WeSubsea 8” HC Titanium ROV Dredger runs at 150Lpm@200Bar, with a removal rate up to 84m3/h. WeSubsea continue to offer their unmatched dredger technology with the lightest and most powerful dredgers on the market today.

8” HC Titanium high quality ROV Dredger

  • The most powerful 8” ROV dredger on the market today
  • Designed for heavy duty dredging work
  • Unique lightweight and compact design for easy mobilisation
  • Unmatched removal capacity up to 84 m3/h
  • Compensated, no depth limitations or risk of water ingress

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