Seatronics DTS 6000

Seatronics DTS 6000

Available to rent and buy

Digital Telemetry Mini Multiplexer


The latest addition to Seatronics rental pool is a 3000m rated digital drop camera system, with real time video link to the surface. Allowing deepwater video monitoring without the need for expensive fibre optic cables, this unique system is ideal for any job that requires real-time high resolution photographic images in deep water areas.

At the heart of the system is a Seatronics DTS 6000 digital video telemetry system, which can operate over 6000m of single co-axial sidescan cable. The telemetry unit provides power and control for the cameras/lights and in addition a real time video uplink along with bi-directional instrumentation data channels are available to allow the operator to monitor the seabed parameters.

The latest generation 5 mega-pixel underwater digital stills cameras can be incorporated. In addition a range of optional sensors can be fitted to allow monitoring of depth, altitude, heading, pitch, roll, temperature and conductivity. The package comes complete with mounting frame and electro-hydraulic winch spooled with up to 6000m of armoured cable.

  • Data processing systems
  • Depth sensors & altimeters
  • Echo sounders
  • Magnetometers
  • Motion sensors
  • Multibeam sonars
  • Scanning sonars
  • Sub-bottom profilers (SBP)
  • Winches & handling systems

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