Seatronics VALOR ROV

Seatronics VALOR ROV

Available to rent and buy

Versatile and Lightweight Observation ROV

Reaching beyond its class.


Seatronics would like to introduce the VALOR ROV to our expanding portfolio of bespoke and innovative subsea solutions.

Reaching beyond its class, the VALOR (Versatile and Lightweight Observation ROV) is the lightest yet most powerful Observation ROV available.

The standard system has been built to 300m depth rated, however the unique design of this platform allows the vehicle to be extended up to 1000m with simple modifications. 

The versatility of VALOR is limitless given the significant payload, unrivalled power capability and available bandwidth allowing the ROV to manage complex tooling and sensor packages. 


  • The lightest ROV platform in its class
  • The highest payload in its class  
  • System power beyond its class
  • No power compromised for portability
  • Ability to manage complex tooling & sensor packages
  • Industry leading control software
  • More thrust than any other vehicle in this class
  • An extremely flexible and configuarable platform
  • Supports multiple 1Gbps Ethernet links
  • Mid-water Station Keeping

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