Whitecap Scientific Corporation ROV3D

Whitecap Scientific Corporation ROV3D

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Transform subsea video into 3D data that can be visualised, measured, and shared in real-time. 



ROV3D Recon allows any ROV with two cameras to generate real-time 3D models of as-found structures and assets. By seamlessly adding 3D scanning capabilities to routine ROV operations, subsea teams get access to data that improves situational awareness and allows them to make more informed decisions and a wide range of subsea tasks and projects. 

Key Features
  • Mobilised equipment consists of one computer and one calibration target
  • Record two channels of SD or HD video
  • 3D models deliver centimetric accuracy
  • As-found 3D models are exported in .obj or xyz. open file formats 

Key Benefits 

  • Capture 3D data dynamically while performing normal GVI operations
  • Analyse and share 3D models in real-time to support in-field decision making
  • Generate as-found 3D models without installing special-purpose ROV hardware

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