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Seatronics TrawlCAM

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Keep an eye on your nets in real-time


The Seatronics TrawlCAM is the only commercial headline camera system that presents live video footage of what’s happening down at the business end of commercial trawlers. Providing footage in real-time, the system offers a live video stream of the trawl mouth whilst towing. An encrypted video signal is returned to the vessel in monochrome via a lowloss single coaxial cable (available on request) from the systems subsea multiplexer.

Three high intensity LED lamps are controlled via the topside on board the vessel. The electronics for the TrawlCAM are housed within a subsea multiplexer capable of depths of up to 1200 meters. The monochrome camera, LED lamps and the subsea multiplexer are contained within a highly durable fibreglass enclosure, which is secured by a stainless steel frame. Mounting shackles pre-installed to each corner of the frame ensure that securing onto the headline can be easily achieved. The skipper has the option to record “real-time video data” onto a hard drive (optional extra).

The TrawlCAM has been developed over the last three years by Seatronics’ in-house R&D team and has been trialled on board Scottish trawlers fishing the East Coast and deep waters off the West Coast of Scotland, including the Continental Shelf and Rockall. During development our key objectives were to ensure the system was reliable under the harshest of conditions.

The system provides the end-user with real-time footage of fish species going into the trawl, the condition of the net and any foreign debris being dragged by the hoppers.

  • TrawlCAM topside control unit, laptop and monitor
  • TrawlCAM electronics pod
  • Micro monochrome camera
  • 2 x LED lamps
  • Deployment frame

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