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Seatronics SeaOBSERVER

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Offshore CCTV System


After two years of research and development, Seatronics recently introduced the SeaOBSERVER system into the Global Marine Research market. The SeaOBSERVER is a video recording system that can be operated on sight or remotely from another location. The system has been developed for the Global Fisheries Research Institutes and fishing vessels to monitor catch and discards onboard both demersal and pelagic fishing vessels.

With the challenges faced in today’s current climate, the monitoring of discards at sea has been brought to the forefront in the agenda to provide sustainable fisheries globally for years to come. SeaOBSERVER is a unique video recording system that caters for onboard safety and the logging of important parameters detrimental to the operation of fishing vessels at sea. The system can record parameters such as hydraulic pressure, GPS position, heading, temperature, salinity and depth. All of the data is stored on hard disk drives which can be removed for interrogation onshore with our very own developed OEM software.

The SeaOBSERVER system can also be easily accessed from any onshore computer. From any land based location, video data “real time” and previously recorded data can be scrutinised and monitored to evaluate vessels catch and discard performance by haul or by trip. These features provide the user with flexibility in mind and ease of operation and determines whether vessels are acting within compliance procedures.

  • Real time video onboard
  • Unique Scanmar integration ready
  • Data collection of video, pressure, tension and GPS

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