OceanWise Port-Log System

OceanWise Port-Log System

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Port-Log System is a complete storage and publishing solution for environmental data acquired by different monitoring techniques and sensors.


Port-Log System is a complete storage and publishing solution for environmental data acquired by different monitoring techniques and sensors.

Port-Log System provides all of the features of Port-Log.net but is installed on site, either on a server supplied by OceanWise or the customer. Port-Log System comes with an installation of Ocean Database (ODB).

Port-Log System is able to handle a wide variety of environmental data types natively and includes multiple system and security parameters, calibration records, quality control procedures, all accessible via an advanced web-based control panel. A detailed user and system guide is provided in PDF format and on-line.

OceanWise is able to deploy Port-Log System and configure it to a client’s requirements. Additional data layers e.g. tidal streams, AIS vessel tracking or port infrastructure can be added as optional extras to provide situation awareness as part of an integrated system or wider maritime information infrastructure.

  • Off-the-shelf real time capability
  • Installed on your own servers
  • Works with standard IT and database architectures
  • Web-based display system and control panel for access anywhere
  • Foundation for environmental data management across your business

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