OceanWise Port-Log.net

OceanWise Port-Log.net

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Port-Log.net is a quick and easy on-line storage and publishing solution for environmental data acquired by different monitoring techniques and sensors.


Port-Log.net is a quick and easy on-line storage and publishing solution for environmental data acquired by different monitoring techniques and sensors.

Port-Log.net is totally instrument and transmission independent and hence can be used flexibly and comprehensively within most applicable environments.

Port-Log.net recognizes data inputs from a wide range of different instruments, decodes this data and stores it securely in Ocean Database.

Comprehensive web displays provide immediate and interactive access to scientific and system data, which can be viewed and downloaded by a range of different users with varying access and security rights. Triggers and alerts come as standard meaning users are always kept fully informed.

Different types of telemetry systems are easily configured to send data to Port-Log.net. Existing user equipment can be utilised or a Smart Telemetry solution can be provided by OceanWise. For more information, please see our Smart Telemetry information sheet or visit our website.

Web mapping provides situation awareness and is available with different base maps and data layers (e.g. tidal streams, hydrographic charts and other marine information overlays) can be added

  • Cost effective, quick and easy secure data storage and publishing
  • Instrument and transmission independent
  • Publishes live or downloadable data
  • Provides customisable system information and alerts
  • Available as on-line subscription service

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