2G Robotics ULS-100

2G Robotics ULS-100

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The ULS-100 Underwater Laser Scanner is a short-range measurement system that is ideal for capturing high-detail measurements in areas spanning 0.13m to 1m.


2G Robotics' underwater laser scanners can be deployed by ROV, AUV, or diver for stationary or dynamic scanning. The scanners generate submillimeter resolution 3D models of subsea assets and environments from which accurate measurements can be instantaneously and repeatably captured.

Operational Time Savings

  • Real-time 3D model generation and verification of results
  • No in-field calibrations required

Detailed Results

  • Generates true-scale submillimetre resolution 3D models
  • Collects high density point cloud data for identification of small features and defects

ULS-100 System Performance

  • Performs short-range scans (0.13m to 1m range)
  • 50° coverage and 360° degree rotation


  • Deployable by divers, ROVs, crawlers, centralizers, and frames
  • Rugged and compact for operation in confined spaces

Sediment and Scour Analysis

Genex Systems, an engineering, scientific research, and information technology services firm trialed 2G Robotics’ ULS-100 underwater laser scanner. The objective of the trials was to test the capabilities of the ULS-100 for bridge scour experiments and sediment transport analysis.

Genex Systems previously used a point laser distance sensor for bathymetry scanning work. Oscar Suaznabar, Research Hydraulic Engineer at Genex Systems, noted that this point laser method “was really time consuming since usually the test section area in the flume is in the range of 0.9 to 4 metres. To measure such an area was a matter of days. With the ULS-100, obtaining high resolution measurement data for a comparable area is a matter of minutes.”

Following the trials, Genex Systems purchased a ULS-100 and recently took delivery of the system. 

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