BATTELLE HorizonVue™ M360 Video System

BATTELLE HorizonVue™ M360 Video System

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Interactive 360-degree deep water situational awareness and full-view video playback for increased efficiency and effectiveness.  


Never miss a critical view again with the BATTELLE HorizonVue™ M360 Video System. The Battelle HorizonVue camera’s unique complete viewing capability and real-time interactive video provides never before available awareness – allowing ROV operators to inspect subsea equipment and perform detailed tasks in complex operating environments with increased efficiency and effectiveness. The benefit continues onshore with full-view playback and interactive software.

End Client of ROV Services

For customers that need inspection and other ROV services in their oil field the HorizonVue M360DR decreases the probability of ROV damaging subsea equipment and could increase the efficiency of ROV operations, unlike traditional ROV imaging systems that incorporate multiple nFOV cameras.  We do this by providing operators situational awareness of the work environment without the need to move cameras and leave portions of the work area unobserved.

ROV Operations 

For ROV operators that need to work in complex undersea environments utilizing multiple manipulator arms and navigating around complex infrastructure, the HorizonVue M360DR allows pilots to track multiple objects simultaneously. This allows the operator achieve full situational awareness of the work environment, unlike multiple nFOV and PTZ cameras that need to be arranged or moved and leave portions of the work area unmonitored. We do this by using single lens technology and no moving parts to provide a camera system with higher reliability and reduced total ownership costs. 

Vehicle Manufacturer

For ROV manufacturers who need to offer innovative new imaging solutions for the end users the HorizonVue M360DR provides increased situational awareness and enhanced capabilities to the user, unlike multiple nFOV and PTZ cameras that need to be arranged or moved to maintain awareness and leave portions of the work area unmonitored.  We do this by utilizing state of the art optic design in combination with high end image sensors that have been packaged specific for this market to provide a new paradigm in remote awareness for subsea operations.

  • Lower size, weight, and power than pan, tilt, zoom cameras
  • Keep track of multiple objects simultaneously
    - Isolate objects in multiple Pan tilt zoom windows
  • Allow manipulator arms full freedom of movement without having to pan or tilt the pilot cam
  • Monitor multiple analog gauges
  • Ethernet command and control
  • GigE vision
  • Digital pan, tilt, and zoom windows configurable by the operator
  • Positional freedom for mounting due to the 65 deg. vertical field of view
  • GUI is configurable to show a strip 360 view or 2 180 degree views where the top image is flipped like a rear view mirror
  • Touch screen interface to control PTZ windows
  • Can feed the video externally to a tablet or other screen to allow the end client to see what is happening with the vehicle and the subsea equipment

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