Imenco Lizard Shark

Imenco Lizard Shark

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The Lizard Shark is an unique Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera with a diameter of only 90mm, allowing you to access and inspect difficult targets in an efficient and safe manner.


Imenco’s Lizard Shark is a small sized Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera rated to 1,000msw. The 10 x optical zoom and built-in dimmable LED lights makes this a unique subsea camera for the ROV market. With a diameter of only 90mm, the Lizard Shark enables efficient access to difficult areas that before might have been unavailable with other conventional equipment.

Imenco’s goal has been to develop a camera that saves valuable time while in operation and critical decisions are to be made. The Lizard Shark has been proven to be an excellent camera to use i.e. while inspecting sealing surfaces prior to hook-ups. The ROV’s manipulator arm may be used to control the subsea camera with a removable fish tail-grip.

The Lizard Shark camera can be delivered with specially designed add-on’s; An extension rod with ROV handle (fish tail grip), flex-joint and protection sleeve for the camera. This tool enables inspections of i.e. flanges, seals, spool pieces and targets with difficult access.

  • High image quality
  • 10x Optical Zoom
  • 1,000msw depth rating
  • Built-in dimmable LED lights
  • Duplex steel housing
  • 90mm diameter

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