Teledyne Bowtech LED-K-365UV-DC Ultra-violet Underwater LED Light

Teledyne Bowtech LED-K-365UV-DC Ultra-violet Underwater LED Light

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LED-K-365UV-DC Ultra-violet Underwater LED “Black Light” for Conventional Oil Leak Detection.


The Bowtech Products LED-K-365UV-DC features the latest in LED technology. The light produces and emits UV light only. As a result, only usable UV is present, to enable hydrocarbon detection far more effectively than using outdated Black Lights.

The lamp is ideal for use with fluorescent tracer dyes (3 types listed overleaf), for identifying leaks from pipelines, risers and subsea wellhead equipment.

The 3,000 metre rated housing is made from hard anodised Aluminium, Titanium or Stainless Steel, which all offer proven, corrosion resistance.

The lamp has a thermal cut-out, to protect it from extended accidental operation in air and is fitted with a solid state UV array, with a wavelength of 365nm. The light produced is ideal for conventional oil leak detection and is more commonly known as a black light.

The lamp is supplied with UV-protective eyewear.

  • Latest in LED Technology
  • 24Vdc
  • 85° Wide Angle Beam of Light
  • 3,000 Metre Operating Depth

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