Teledyne Bowtech LED-N-SERIES Underwater LED Light

Teledyne Bowtech LED-N-SERIES Underwater LED Light

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LED-N-SERIES Underwater LED Light for Deepwater Applications


The Bowtech Products LED-N-SERIES underwater LED lights are available with 2,100 or 3,200 lumen outputs and various colour temperature options. These lights feature the latest LED technology and are now a real alternative to incandescent lamps.

Due to Bowtech Products’ continued history of innovation, these lights feature the latest and best underwater LED lighting technology available.

The 6,000 metre rated housing, is made from hard anodised aluminium, titanium or stainless steel, offering proven corrosion resistance.

The 80° diagonal wide beam angle light produced, is ideal for colour video inspection of viewing tasks.

  • 2100 or 3200 Lumens
  • 24Vdc
  • 80° Wide Angle Beam of Light
  • 6,000 Metre Rated Aluminium Housing

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