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The RTS CUBE represents the next generation of self-contained subsea monitoring solutions.

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The RTS CUBE is an advanced self-contained subsea instrument package for monitoring heading, pitch, roll, depth and other user-specified parameters. The unit is scalable and can be configured as a straightforward battery-operated gyro with subsea displays or as a complex logging solution for a host of different sensors.

Examples of applications:

    • Monitoring heading and inclination during descent and deployment of subsea structures
    • Monitoring differential pressure inside suction anchors during deployment to avoid implosion
    • Alignment and placement of pipes
    • Wellhead installation
    • Long term monitoring of subsea installations with automated wake-up and sleep functionality
    • Post installation monitoring

The system can provide the user with live data and graphical displays of the required parameters (and optional video) via an acoustic modem or hot stab connection. This will aid the user in decision-making during critical operations and make sure specified tolerances and safety requirements are upheld. The collected CUBE data is supplied as a deliverable and can be replayed post-operation.

The CUBE consists of a frame containing system controller and logger, gyro, subsea displays, battery, acoustic telemetry, ROV-operated switch, ROV hot stab and optional auxiliary sensors.

    • Remote configuration
    • 32Gb Internal logger
    • Intuitive control and display software
    • High accuracy
    • Robust construction
    • Sensor flexibility
    • ROV connection
    • Advanced subsea display features
    • External sensor capabilites
    • Remote system startup (air and water)
    • Tailored surface logging software
    • Simple setup


The RTS CUBE represents the next generation of self-contained subsea monitoring solutions.