An extensive spread of Metocean equipment is available for rental or sale from Seatronics global bases to effectively monitor conditions improving operational safety and efficiency leading to reduced costs.

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Datawell Waverider Mk3 SystemAdd to cart
DeepSea Power & Light SeaBattery & ChargerAdd to cart
Miros Wave & Current RadarAdd to cart
Miros WaveFinderAdd to cart
Miros WaveSystemAdd to cart
Miros WaveWeatherAdd to cart
Miros WavexAdd to cart
Nortek Signature1000 | Signature500Add to cart
OceanWise Port-Log SystemAdd to cart
OceanWise Smart Telemetry ModemAdd to cart
RTS SiLOGRead more
Seabird SBE 19plus Profiler CTDAdd to cart
Seapoint Turbidity MeterAdd to cart
Sonardyne 7667 LCUAdd to cart
Sonardyne 7710 DORTAdd to cart
Sonardyne 7869 15T Heavy Duty Acoustic Release FrameAdd to cart
Sonardyne 7967 LRT Deck UnitAdd to cart
Sonardyne Lighweight Release Transponder 7986Add to cart
Specialist Offshore Gas Sampling UnitAdd to cart
Specialist Offshore pH ProbeAdd to cart
Specialist Offshore Subsea Pressure and Temp LoggerAdd to cart
Teledyne Odom Digibar SAdd to cart
Teledyne RDI Sentinel VAdd to cart
Teledyne RDI Workhorse Sentinel ADCPAdd to cart
Tritech SeaKing 700 SeriesAdd to cart
Tritech SeaNet SCU V5Add to cart
Vaisala PTB220 BarometerAdd to cart
Vaisala PTB330 BarometerAdd to cart
Valeport MIDAS BathyPack Bathymetry PackageAdd to cart
Valeport MIDAS CTD ProfilerAdd to cart
Valeport MIDAS CTD+ Multiparameter ProfilerAdd to cart
Valeport MIDAS Sound Velocity ProfilerAdd to cart
Valeport MIDAS SVX2 Combined CTD/SVPAdd to cart
Valeport MIDAS WLR Water Level RecorderAdd to cart
Valeport MiniSVS Sound Velocity SensorsAdd to cart
Valeport miniTIDE Self Recording Tide GaugeAdd to cart