Kongsberg RADius

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Radar based relative positioning sensor.

RADius is a high performance radar-based relative positioning reference sensor. The sensor is developed for use in offshore applications in need of high accuracy range and bearing measurements. The RADius solution is based on years of experience and knowledge in offshore applications, and developed to secure safe and efficient operation in an dynamic environment.

RADius is developed for applications in need of a robust and reliable relative positioning system. Many applications can benefit from RADius in operations, as there are different types of retroreflective transponders, and different types of innstallation of the sensor heads, (Interrogators).

  • Multiple sensor heads
  • Autodetection of transponders
  • Measuring and output of range and bearing
  • Wide opening angles secure close-by operations
  • No moving parts
  • Multi user feasibility
  • Multiple transponder capability
  • Operates in all weather conditions, also extreme cold
  • Complementary to existing GNSS reference systems
  • Designed to meet all IMO DP Class requirements
  • Both battery and fixed power operated transponders
  • Operates in license free radio band
  • ATEX and IECEx certified transponders
  • Easy to deploy and adapt


Radar based relative positioning sensor.