Miros Oil Spill Detection

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Early On-site Oil Spill Detection and Efficient Response

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Miros Oil Spill Detection (OSD) is optimized for both oil spill surveillance and oil spill response delivered as a dual-mode system. Miros OSD is thoroughly verified in oil-on-water exercises and used by major oil operators and authorities around the world.

The OSD Surveillance mode is designed to provide automatic alarms and situational awareness when an oil spill appears on the ocean surface. The system automatically detects oil spills and shows them alongside AIS targets and IR/daylight camera views. Offshore installations and vessels, as well as coastal and port sites, are given early warning capabilities, where data is provided to support response decisions and planning.

Miros OSD in Recovery mode will guide the response vessel towards the part of the oil slick where the highest recovery efficiency is obtained. The thicker part of the oil slick is identified with support of IR and visible spectrum sensors, aiding correct positioning of booms, skimmers and dispersant application.

    • Automatic detection with high detection rate and low false alarm rate, day & night
    • Up to 8 cameras with 2 video streams each,
    • Up to 2 X-band radars
    • Historical data with playback mode
    • Camera tracking of detections, AIS targets and drift buoys
    • Oil drift prediction, AIS targets, wind, current, wave and ice data


Early On-site Oil Spill Detection and Efficient Response