iXblue Oceano MT932S Transponder

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Medium Frequency – Miniature Transponder

The MT932S series miniature transponder, designed for use down to 3 000 m water depth, is a compact, lightweight and rugged MF acoustic transponder/responder, which makes it an ideal tool for AUV, ROV, and tow fish tracking operations. The MT932S series miniature transponder is a versatile unit easy to use and can be configured to suit any kind of underwater vehicle.

Developed from the iXblue new generation electronics and using iXblue well established wide spectrum technology, it is designed to operate with the Gaps long range and fully integrated MF-USBL acoustic positioning systems. MT932S series is featuring an omnidirectional transducer and it is fitted with internal rechargeable battery pack but it can also be operated from external power supply voltage.

MT932S series is available with integral transducer or with split head (remote transducer).

  • Fully compatible with Gaps USBL system
  • Compact and rugged design
  • 316L SS body with polyurethane coating, 3 000 m depth rated (dual-use good, submitted to export license)
  • Medium frequency M-FSK chirp transmit signals
  • Field selectable sound pressure level (188 dB default, 191 dB or 185 dB)
  • Integral omni-directional acoustic transducer with protective cage
  • Acoustic interrogation channel field selectable among 4 tonal frequencies
  • Transponder and responder operating modes
  • Responder mode reverts automatically to transponder mode after 25 seconds delay
  • Full configuration and set-up via serial port by PC-windowsTM based MMI software
  • External ON / OFF plug
  • Long life Ni-MH rechargeable battery
  • External power supply (15-30Vdc, 15 W peak transmitting / 30 W charging Ni-MH batteries)
  • Micro Subconn 8-way connector for external power supply and responder signal inputs
  • Supplied with charging / interface adaptator and responder interface cable.


Medium Frequency – Miniature Transponder