Voyis Dynamic Laser Scanning Skid

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Seatronics and Voyis have partnered to develop a dynamic subsea laser scanning package.

Seatronics and Voyis have partnered to develop a subsea laser scanning package that incorporates all sensors required for high precision data collection, reducing the complexity of equipment mobilisations. The rigid aluminium frame is fitted with the Insight Pro (4000M Rated) system from Voyis, as well as a host of High-Precision Survey Grade sensors to capture data on-the-fly with vast scan coverage and sub millimetric accuracy.

The Dynamic Laser Scanning Skid is fully equipped with all sensors that are needed for high precision dynamic survey, but with portability in mind. Incorporated in the Dynamic Laser Scanning frame are pre-fabricated brackets that are dimensionally controlled to provide lever arms and offsets prior to survey. With the incorporation of a Multiplexer on the system, the user is only required to provide a PPS pulse, a spare single mode fiber and 110V power to the Multiplexer bottle. This allows ease of use and reduces mobilization times. The frame was designed with a small footprint in mind, so that it could be installed on a variety of vehicles from mid-class inspection, to work class vehicles. The Dynamic Laser Scanning Skid is delivered fully integrated with all cabling between the sensors, to provide a fast deployment solution for gathering high precision data dynamically.

Dynamic Laser Scanning Package consists of:

  • Voyis Insight Pro
  • RTS Gen5 MUX
  • Sonardyne SPRINT 505, SYRINX DVL & 6G ROVNAV
  • Valeport IPS, Midas CTD & Mini SVS
  • Vast scan coverage in an All-In-One ‘Turnkey’ Package
  • High Precision Survey Grade INS and DVL Package to ensure precise data point georeferencing
  • Rigid & Compact Aluminium Frame
  • All sensors are pre-installed, pre-wired, & pre-configured to aid in quick mobilization offshore
  • Data collection plug-in’s available on major platforms such as EIVA and QINSy

Frame Size

  • Length: 121cm (47.6 inch)
  • Width: 101cm (39.8 inch)
  • Height: 64cm (25.3inch)
  • Weight: 227 kg (500lbs) in Air, 109 kg (240 lbs) in Water

Voyis Insight Pro 

  • Scan Range Minimum: 1.5m (4.92’) | Maximum: 20m (65.6’)
  • Points Per Laser Line: 2048
  • Points Per Second: 106,496 at 52 Hz
  • Angle of View / System Coverage: 50°
  • Y Resolution (Profile to Profile, Along Track): 4.8 mm @ 0.5 Knot (0.25 m/s) | 19.2mm @ 2 Knot (1 m/s) | 38.5mm @ 4 Knot (2 m/s)
  • X Resolution (Laser Line, Cross Track): 1.3mm @ 3m | 2.3mm @ 5m | 4.5mm @ 10m | 6.7mm @ 15m | 8.9mm @ 20m
  • Z Resolution (Range Resolution): 0.2 mm @ 3m | 0.5mm @ 5m | 1.9mm @ 10m | 4.1mm @ 15m | 7.1mm @ 20m
  • Processor: Onboard processing
  • Calibration: Factory calibrated, no in-field calibrations necessary
  • Time Synchronization Inputs: PPS time synchronization, ZDA Timestamp


Seatronics and Voyis have partnered to develop a dynamic subsea laser scanning package.