Specialist Offshore Hypro Pump

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The Specialist Offshore Services subsea LP pump is a Hypro centrifugal pump.

Hypro Series 9300 hydraulic motor-driven centrifugal pumps provide smooth performance. The 150psi pump can be conveniently mounted on to the ROV, thus becoming part of the vehicle’s hydraulic system.

Designed for pumping fluids, Polypropylene centrifugal pumps may also be used to pump acidic and other highly corrosive liquids. Contact Specialist Offshore Services if more information on the ROV LP Pump is required.

The Hypro “close-coupled” design reduces the mounting space required, so that it eliminates long shafts and couplers between the pump and motor. The pumping fluid is taken directly from the surrounding seawater.

The LP Pump can be set up to provide suction for items such as suction grippers.

Another option is that the ROV LP pump can also be used in conjunction with one or more of the Specialist Offshore Services hydraulic rotary actuators in order to provide low pressure back seal testing, double block and bleed or hotstab port selection, or precise control of LP fluid injection quantities.

On/ Off control of hydraulic supply to the pump, including adjustment of flow and pressure has been integrated by Specialist Offshore Services into a custom designed manifold.

  • Maximum input pressure: 2000psi
  • Maximum input flow: 26 LPM
  • Maximum output pressure: Approx. 120psi
  • Maximum output flow: 140 GPM
  • Weight: 10kg in air


The Specialist Offshore Services subsea LP pump is a Hypro centrifugal pump.