Asset Management

Seatronics provide asset management for a number of our customers. Seatronics offers calibration services, provides pre- and post mobilisation maintenance, equipment repair and 24/7 support on third party assets, which greatly reduces internal costs and improves efficiencies for its clients. These services are particularly valuable considering the current industry-wide pressures on controlling costs in a difficult market.

Seatronics provides its clients dedicated account management with access to Seatronics’ global stock control system. This allows for immediate access to asset availability, reports on utilisation, generated revenue, repairs and calibration certificates.

Our global calibration laboratories work to traceable international standards and procedures, and have been accredited by Det Norske Veritas to ISO 9001:2015. Seatronics also has approval from a number of manufacturers to undertake calibration of their instruments. This ensures that instruments supplied to Seatronics’ clients are provided with calibration certification well within any required frequency/expiry criteria. Seatronics will advise clients when assets are nearing the end of the valid calibration period, and can assist in making arrangements for return and replacement thereafter.

We can assume responsibility for arranging logistics to and from the required port of mobilisation and demobilisation, and are well versed in the latest export compliance restrictions.

Furthermore, Seatronics dedicated team of highly trained engineers are available to assist in vessel mobilisations globally ensuring your assets are put to use in a timely manner.  

Finally transparency is one of our core values and as such we welcome client audits to ensure our high standards meet with your expectations.

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