Cable Moulding & Connectors

Cable Moulding & Connectors

Seatronics Group are certified as a manufacturer to offer Eaton’s Burton Cable and Connector Product Line with dedicated moulding facilities housed within 3 of our 4 geographical locations to support the local operations of our clients.

Benefits brought to our clients:

  • The only EATON accredited manufacturer of Burton Connectors
  • Quality Assurance through manufacturer replicated processes
  • Access to inventory of over $4M of raw materials & components
  • Bespoke back shell client design available – Unique to Seatronics
  • Strategically positioned moulding facilities in Abu Dhabi, Houston & Singapore to support global requirements

Our cable moulding facilities cater not only for Eaton connectors as we offer a range of industry standard subsea cable assemblies.

Seatronics boast an inventory of over £3m worth of raw materials and components ensuring that there are no production delays regardless of your cable and connector requirements.

Our moulding processes replicate those of the manufacturer to ensure the highest level of quality assurance. A rigorous test regime ensures that the product meets with the exacting requirements for subsea operations in up to 6000m water depth.

We have successfully supplied a number of bespoke cable assemblies drawing on our extensive experience both in the manufacturing process and our offshore experience.
Our Vendor Inventory Management System (VIMS) allows for standard regularly used cable assemblies to be located at any of your sites whether on or offshore ensuring that cables are readily available reducing costs associated with late last-minute panic orders.

Running in parallel with our cable manufacturing capability we can proactively manage your existing cable assembly inventory, extending their useful life and reducing the costs associated with unnecessary repeat orders.

What our clients say...

“Seatronics, having supported us on key projects over the last few years has been considered as an important associate of our business.

The different value-added services that complements the electronic sensors and hydraulic tools rentals is an added advantage helping us choose Seatronics on various projects. We would like to thank Seatronics for their valuable support.”

Cable Moulding & Connector Capabilities

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