Cable Moulding & Connectors

Seatronics Group are the only third party cable moulding company to offer manufacturer certified (Eaton's Burton Product Line) cable and connector moulding facilities housed within our geographical locations to support the local operations of our clients.

Our moulding processes replicate those of the manufacturer to ensure the highest level of quality assurance.  A rigorous test regime dictated by the manufacturer ensure that the product delivered to the client meets the same standards as factory produced product. 

Seatronics boast an inventory of over $4m worth of raw materials and components ensuring that there are no production delays regardless of your cable and connector requirements. 

All cable and connectors assemblies are available at short notice should this be required.  As a rule our ongoing commitment to clients is that one off bespoke cable moulded solutions be available no more than 3 days from receipt of order.  Bulk purchase or multiple cable and connectors orders are processed efficiently through our production planning solution to ensure clients receive their product in line with the confirmed production dates.

Seatronics have already established a number of bulk supply agreements and are currently working with a number of ROV manufacturers offering them a just in time solution to reduce unnecessary stock holding whilst having a high degree of reliability in terms of on time delivery.      



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