Product Development

Product Development

Seatronics have developed an exclusive range of subsea and surface products to meet specific client requirements.

Benefits brought to our clients:

  • Bespoke product development to meet specific client requirements
  • Access to extensive expertise to establish innovative solution
  • Increased flexibility with in-house Product Development team
  • Unrivalled observation vehicle VALOR available globally for rental or sale

This portfolio includes Subsea Deflection Monitoring systems, offshore WIFI Mesh networks, Video Telemetry, ROV Multiplexers and Ultrasonic Flooded Member Detection systems. These systems are all now available for purchase or on a rental basis.

Our biggest development to date is undoubtedly VALOR, the Versatile and Lightweight Observation ROV. Deemed best in class, VALOR is the lightest yet most powerful Observation ROV available. The standard system has been built to 300m depth rated, however the unique design of this platform allows the vehicle to be extended up to 1000m with simple modifications.

The versatility of VALOR is limitless given the significant payload, unrivalled power capability and available bandwidth allowing the ROV to manage complex tooling and sensor packages.

What our clients say...

“The VALOR ROV is a very powerful vehicle, it is clear there has been a lot of work put in to how the power is controlled on the joystick. The power of the ROV builds steadily, therefore, in my experience this is the easiest system to pilot, anyone can fly this ROV. We are expecting to see considerable time savings operating with the VALOR ROV, I would estimate that a cable survey flight time will be reduced by up to 50% due to the VALOR power and controllability.

The controllability and the automatic position holding is the best I have seen, if you let go of the joystick the machine stops and stays looking and holding, the auto altitude is a thing to behold, the work that has gone into this system is superior to others in the industry. The station keeping ability will greatly reduce scanning time on laser scanning projects, if you have something rock steady it simplifies the work.”

Andy Gray
ROV Superintendent | Baltic Taucherei

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