Subsea Construction

Subsea Pile Installation Monitoring

The challenge

A globally established subsea engineering and construction, long-term client, were faced with an integration challenge during a subsea construction project to monitor the pitch and roll of subsea pile during installation.

Our solution

Seatronics worked closely with the client to design a bespoke integrated solution for their unique offshore project requirements. A rechargeable system with batteries was developed, integrated with a Seatronics SeaMesh system for reliable communications and custom-built cabling to operate an iXblue Octans gyrocompass and motion sensor. GPS receivers and a remote on/off switch were implemented to conserve battery life when not in use during operations and an external pack was also provided to adapt the solution for longer scopes.

Benefits and results

System Integration is a key service offering from Seatronics, the client benefited from being able to call upon extensive expertise in developing a bespoke and innovative solution to solve their project requirement.

Close communication and collaboration throughout the project resulted in a solution which is adaptable for future projects. The integrated solution worked seamlessly providing valuable and reliable data to the client ensuring operational time and cost efficiencies.

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