13th Jul 2020

VALOR & LateraL FlexiClean

The Seatronics Ltd and LateraL Norway collaboration is a prime example of industry experts coming together to offer a better way of doing things. Seatronics has identified significant opportunities for VALOR - the Versatile and Lightweight Observation ROV - as an integrated package utilising the latest LateraL technologies.

Used with VALOR, the FlexiClean offers unprecedented, efficient cleaning solutions to Seatronics clients. This innovation can significantly reduce the time spent cleaning, vital in for example to UWILD projects.

Laterals product portfolio also boasts the FlexiCal system. FlexiCal is an ROV-mounted calliper that allows for direct measurements with instantaneous readout. Plans are now in place for full integration of a VALOR specific FlexiCal to further increase capabilities.

Alasdair Murrie, Head of ROV Sales - Americas, said:

“The Lateral FlexiClean Micro is a huge step-change in subsea cleaning capability and a very welcome addition to the comprehensive VALOR ROV tooling solutions package.  Our clients will be able to better undertake a range of tasks including spot cleaning prior to CP/UT inspection, mooring chain cleaning for caliper or laser metrology and many other requirements in UWILD, Offshore Wind, Hydro Electric and other Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) applications.”

Keith Robertson, co-founder and technical manager at LateraL, said:

“Using our in-house expertise, we have been able to develop another solution that fits into our ‘do more with less’ ethos. Having our products used by an industry-respected company such as Seatronics is significant endorsement.”