ROV survey at Tidal Turbine Testbed

The challenge

To conduct an ROV seabed survey at a Tidal Turbine Testbed, where the water current conditions were extremely high. Unable to find a suitable ROV that can withstand such high water current, Seatronics were approached for provision of an observation class ROV. Oceanpixel in association with The Energy Research Institute @ Nanyang Technological University (ERI@N) selected the Crash Barrier between the Sentosa Boardwalk and the Sentosa Bridge as the Tidal Turbine Testbed. Tidal turbines are installed on the seabed at locations with high tidal current velocities or strong continuous ocean currents where they extract energy from the flowing water. Naturally such locations are very hostile for an ROV to perform seabed survey.

Our solution

Seatronics were able to supply an adequately powered vehicle fitted with the required sensors to perform the seabed survey. Seatronics personnel monitored the conditions at the test site and deployed the ROV at strategic points.

Benefits and results

Using the data provided successfully by Seatronics our client was able to verify the potential suitability of the site for an In-Stream Turbine. The client benefitted from Seatronics being able to supply a one stop solution providing all necessary in-house engineering along with a vehicle and sensors capable of operating in difficult conditions.

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